Sunday, May 7, 2017

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Baat bass se nikal chali hai,
Dil ki haalat sambhal chali hai,
Ab junoon hadh se barrh chala hai,
Ab tabiyat behal challi hai,
Ashk khunaab ho chale hain,
Gham ki rangat badal chalii hai,
Yaa yunhi bujh rahi hain shaamen,
Yaa shab-e-hijr ttal chali hai,
Laakh paighaam ho gaye hain,
Jab sabaa ek pal chalii hai,
Jaao ab so raho sitaaro,
Dard ki raat dhhall chali hai..

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Urdu Poetry and SMS are sought daily and considered the best source of making and strengthening relations. Since Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, therefore, Urdu Poetry is mostly available in mother tongue. For this reason, I have tried my level best to collect the Best Urdu Poetry for my friends and make them available the beauty of Poetry. You can feel the joy from the given Beautiful Urdu Poetry. I hope you would appreciate me for this and would share with your friends.

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Romantic Best Urdu Poetry

Now, for lovers it could be one of the Best Urdu Poetry as we know that they are often sad and look for only a single person in this mortal world. You might have experienced and would have noticed how Romantic Poetry helps us facing loneliness. I am sure this would be Best Urdu Poetry for you if you have ever loved poetry. I hope I would win your hearts friends.

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