Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Photo Poetry in Urdu - Lovely and Romantic Poetry quotes in Urdu

Photo Poetry in Urdu - Lovely and Romantic Poetry quotes in Urdu- Urdu language is the language of poets and novelists. I hope the very few of Romantic Urdu Poetry will win your hearts and you would like my collection. Poetry in every language is appreciated and people love it. This is the reason I have collected some of them and trying my level best to share my feelings with my friends as well. Latest Best Urdu Poetry About Love – Romantic Urdu SMS & Poetry - I would like to say May God help you if you are in love. Here I have some Best Urdu Poetry About Love for all my friends who really love someone. When you are in love, you are said a blind. It is poplar saying that Love is Blind. This Urdu Poetry About Love is being dedicated to the reader of this love-rich post. Love you all my friends. Must Read Urdu Best Poetry and SMS for more refreshment. - Lovely Urdu Poetry on Love – Best Poetry for Lovers on Love -Before this post, I have shared some Lovely Urdu Poetry on Love. Poetry is that medium which brings your inner feelings on your tongue and makes you enable to share your emotions. It is one of the oldest way of expressing love and affections. Urdu Poetry is said to be the most important state of showing inner hotness to the respective person.- I am sure that love poetry could be the awesome part of your lovely life. Sharing poetry in these days is a common deed. On different occasions, poetry is shared and supposed to be the awesome part of life. There are many famous poets who have written exciting poetry and have gained ground. I am sure you people would share these couplets with your friends. - Best Urdu Poetry About Love - Lovely Love Shayeri- Love and Poetry About Love Freshen Lovers !!! - I hope that my collection would be a joy for all of you. Love really hurts when response in inverse. Here, Urdu Poetry About Love is being posted and I am sure that you would find it a source of happiness for yourself. - Poetry About Love is always recited and the beloved are appreciated for their beauty and nature. I would like to say that Love is life if love in in direct proportion. So stay connected with the one whom you love a lot. Love is blind so try to have its true side and be in touch with your lover.- Best Ever Urdu Poetry - Famous and Nice Urdu Poetry- Famous and Best Ever Urdu Poetry for my Friends- I hope that you would like my post regarding Famous and Best Ever Urdu Poetry. Poetry is nothing but joy and it really plays great role in the times of hardship. When you have no one to share with, you can share your feelings in words composed as poetry. Poetry is the best way to find relax in the times of misery.